Terms and conditions

  1. Interpretation
    1. This document, which sets out the rules for the sale of Products (hereinafter, ‘the Rules’), together with the description of Products provided by the Seller in the online Store, are a public offer addressed to an indefinite number of persons and expressed in writing.
    2. ‘Buyer’ – means a natural or legal person who has made an order for, or a purchase of, Products, or has the intention to make an order or to purchase Products.
      ‘Seller’ – means the online store, website omgbitcoin.co
      ‘Products’ – means the alphanumeric keys (activation keys), codes and other products for software activation.
      ‘Contract’ – means the legally-binding agreement between you and us for the supply of the Services.
      ‘Services’ – means the services advertised on the Website, including any Goods, of the number and description set out in the Order.
    3. Seller can make changes to the Services as necessary to comply with any applicable law or safety requirement. Seller will notify you of these changes.
  2. Basis of Sale
    1. By ordering or purchasing Products through the online store, the Buyer agrees to these Rules. Full and unconditional acceptance of the terms of the Rules is deemed to have been given by the Buyer’s payment for the Products.
    2. To purchase Products in the online store, the Buyer must make an order using the appropriate interface in the order section of the online store.
    3. For the convenience of the Buyer, the Seller will send the product activation key (if any is included) to the Buyer’s e-mail address immediately. Usually the delivery time is 1 hour (on weekends or holidays, the delivery time is between 4 – 12 hours). The guaranteed time of operation is 24 hours after payment confirmation.
    4. Goods, if they are included in the package, will be sent to the postal address specified by the Buyer. The Buyer must pay the cost of delivery of the Products.
    5. If the Buyer does not explicitly specify the address for the delivery of goods and/or does not pay the delivery cost, the Seller’s obligations to the Buyer shall be deemed to have been fully fulfilled in accordance with paragraph 2.3, if the product activation key was previously sent.
    6. When ordering, the Buyer shall provide the Seller with the following information:
      • email address;
      • payment method (select one of the options provided by the Seller).
    7. The Seller will provide the Buyer with information on changes in the status of the order (or orders) of the Buyer, by informing the Buyer by e-mail.
  3. Fees and Payment
    1. The cost of a Product is given in its description on the corresponding page of the online store.
    2. Products are considered to be have been paid for by the Buyer from the moment of receipt by the Seller of payment confirmation from the system through which the payment was made.
    3. The choice and use of the payment method for Products is carried out by the Buyer at its sole discretion, on the checkout page. The Buyer should take into account that some methods of payment occur with the participation of third parties in the relationship between the Buyer and the Seller, and the Seller cannot be held responsible for the actions or omissions of such persons. Issues of security and confidentiality of personal data, as well as the amount of fees and interest for the transfer of funds, are agreed by the Buyer with these third parties independently.
    4. Ordered and paid-for Products shall be delivered by the Seller or by a third party authorized by the Seller on the terms and within the time specified by the Seller when the order is placed.
  4. Product Use Conditions
    1. By purchasing the Product, the Buyer agrees that it will download the ISO image from the Seller’s server or the links that the Seller offers, and will make a clean installation of the program (not an update and/or a transition from another version of the program).
    2. For security reasons, the key must be activated within 3 days.
    3. The order and conditions of use of Products by the Buyer are determined by its right-holders.
    4. Unless otherwise determined by the copyright holder, the material to which the Buyer receives access may be downloaded to, and reproduced in the memory of, only one computing device (usually one copy may be installed on one computer) belonging to the Buyer, and must be used for its intended purpose (i.e. in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations) on this device.
  5. Guarantees
    1. During the term of the Contract, the Seller will make reasonable efforts to eliminate any failures and errors in the operation of the online store. At the same time, the Seller does not guarantee the complete absence of errors and failures, and reserves the right to suspend the operation of the online store for a while for technological reasons.
    2. he Seller does not assume any warranty obligations related to the operation of the Products on the technical equipment of the Buyer, and does not assume any obligation to ensure such functioning. The Buyer, at its own discretion and risk, may decide to purchase the Product based on the intended conditions of use of the Product.
  6. Withdrawal and Cancellation
    1. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the Product, once the digital item has been shipped, the Seller cannot issue a refund.
    2. Delivery is a separate service that is not an integral part of the goods purchased by the Buyer. If the cost of the goods is returned, the shipping cost may not be refunded.
    3. Refund to the Buyer will be made to the specified details (Paypal or Bitcoin) net of the Seller’s expenses related to the fulfilment of its obligations to the Buyer (commissions of payment systems, partner fees, payment for services of third parties related to the delivery of Products).
  7. Responsibilities
    1. The Buyer is solely responsible if incorrect information is provided that results in the inability of the Seller to fulfil its obligations to the Buyer properly.
    2. Under no circumstances shall the Seller be liable for any actions/omissions of third parties, in particular, for any loss, damage to business reputation, or injury to health caused to the Buyer as a result of failures of software or equipment not owned by the Seller, as a result of the unavailability of certain segments of the Internet, or as a result of the use (or impossibility of use) of the Buyer’s chosen method of payment for the cost of Products.
    3. The Seller shall not be liable for breach of these terms and conditions if such breach is caused by force majeure, including acts of public authorities, fire, flood, earthquake, other acts of God, mass power outages, strikes, civil unrest, riots, or any other circumstances that may affect the Seller’s performance of its obligations to the Buyer, and the cause is beyond the Seller’s control.
  8. Privacy Policy
    1. The Seller collects and processes only those personal data that are necessary for the fulfilment of the Seller’s obligations to the Buyer.
    2. The Buyer’s consent applies to the following personal data: e-mail address, payment details.
    3. The Seller will store personal information of the Buyer in accordance with its internal regulations.
    4. The Seller has the right to transfer personal information about the Buyer to third parties in the following cases:
      • the Buyer has expressly consented to the transfer;
      • such transfer is necessary for the execution of the Buyer’s order;
      • in case of the sale or other transfer of the Seller’s business, the purchaser shall assume all obligations to follow these Rules related to the processing of the Buyer’s personal data;
      • in order to protect the legitimate rights of the Seller in cases where the Buyer violates these Rules.
  9. Other Conditions
    1. All disagreements will be resolved through negotiations between the parties. In case of disagreement between the Buyer and the Seller which cannot be resolved through negotiations between the parties, the procedure provided by the current legislation shall be applied – the Seller and/or the Buyer shall have the right to apply to the court at the location of the Seller.
    2. The Seller reserves the right to change these Rules unilaterally and without notice at any time. The Buyer is obliged to check it at the address Terms and Conditions
  10. Price Match Promise

    If you believe you have found the same product at a lower price from another retailer, we promise to match the price! Simply contact us via email [email protected] with details of the item and provide us with a link to where you found the product cheaper. We will strive to get back to you within 24 hours where possible. If the requirements for a price match are not met, we will provide you with a clear explanation why. Already purchased the item from us and found it cheaper elsewhere? We promise to refund the difference provided you contact us within 7 days of the original purchase. Our price match promise is subject to the following conditions;

    Price Match Terms & Conditions

    • Price match applies only against a single purchase, not on bulk discount prices.
    • Where there are multiple items you wish us to price check in one basket, the comparison will only apply if you are able to place an identical order for the same products with one other supplier who holds all items in stock.
    • The product must be brand new and identical (i.e same brand, specs, size, colour, etc…)
    • We must be able to verify the competitor’s price and stock position.
    • Our price match is only applicable against other UK online retailers, however we reserve the right to exclude Ebay, Amazon and auction sites from our comparison.
    • The competitor must be selling to the public directly, we will not price match business to business websites.
    • The competitor must be willing to deliver the item to your location.
    • We and the competitor must have stock ready for delivery.
    • Typographical errors do not apply.
    • No affiliate promotional, voucher code or media discount applies.
    • Any other retailer’s price match promotion which offers an additional rebate or other benefits for any price matched product does not apply.
    • This offer excludes any shipping charges.
    • We reserve the right to decline a price match where it would result in a loss.


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Price Match Promise

If you believe you have found the same product at a lower price from another retailer, we promise to match the price!